Chinese x French

culinary philosophy

Our 6 and 8-course tasting menus are built around the pioneering “Chinese x French” philosophy — where each dish is a conversation piece that bridges and creates harmony between Chef Vicky’s Chinese roots, his respect to the vibrant local culture, and Western culinary training.

Vicky Cheng

Executive Chef

“I admire the precision and aesthetics of modern French techniques, and with equal fervor I embrace my roots and this city of abundance.

At VEA, you will find a sense of unfamiliarity in the familiar as I experiment with flavours, textures and cultures. Every dish tells a story about Hong Kong, the place that has always been close to my heart, and it’s an emotional experience, one that turns an exquisite meal into beautiful shared memories.” — Chef Vicky

The Trilogy

We put into practice the framework for our cuisine and introduce the “Chinese x French” Trilogy — featuring Buttered Fish Maw, Abalone Pithivier and Roasted Sea Cucumber — bringing in unforeseen possibilities to the two distinct cuisines.

30F, The Wellington
198 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong

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